bookmark_borderWhy Microblading And Permanent Makeup Make Sense

We live in a fast-moving world where every moment counts. This is only one of the reasons that the fashion-conscious women of the 21st century are increasingly turning to microblading and permanent makeup that offers a way to save time – and allow those in search of a great new look to compliment their lifestyle.

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there are two well-recognized ways to apply the pigment that is used in the microblading procedure. The first is through the use of tiny needles to apply the pigment to the skin manually. The second uses a digital needle cartridge device to apply the pigment. There are cosmetic professionals who prefer the manual approach which can provide finer lines and more well-defined eyebrows, lips and also as a form of permanant eyeshadow. Microblading is a form of permanent tattoo. However, the effect will fade over a number of years. Microblading is not a replacement for all forms of makeup. those women who want to supplement the microblading effect for that special event, for instance, will find, that microblading is a way to enhance the appearance of facial features – rather than as a complete replacement for other forms of makeup.

Microblading and permanent cosmetics are especially useful for those who suffer from thinning hair or condition such as alopecia.

Some of the questions asked by those who are considering microblading include whether or not they will be able to choose the shape and color of the eyebrows and other facial features where the microblading technique is applicable. The short answer to this question is – it depends. The cosmetic artist will take into account such factors as lifestyle, skin condition and the underlying structure of the face prior to advising on what approach is best for individual clients.

It is also important to know that the hair of the eyebrows will continue to grow after the microblading treatment. Women who have had the treatment will, therefore, have to continue to remove the hair that falls outside the permanent makeup. The best ways to do this are to continue tweezing and in some cases undergo electrolysis which reduces the need to continue to tweeze (to a greater or lesser extent).

According to the Beauty Lab Microblading charlotte Microblading is safe – although some discomfort may be experienced during the treatment – this is, after all, a tattoo. the treatment usually lasts for between two and two and a half hours. But it is possible that further sessions might be required in order to perfect the appearance of the areas of the face that are treated.

For the modern woman coping with time pressures or those with occupations such as professional sports, microblading simply makes sense.